File No. 861.00/688

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State


1011. Following telegram dated 18th received to-day from our representative, Torneå:

No news from Petrograd to-day. Local Workmen’s and Soldiers’ committee received telegram from their headquarters in Helsingfors stating that Kerensky’s forces surrounded by Red Guard near Petrograd but Kerensky escaped again. Have captured Cossack General Krasnov and Voitinski, Commissar of Provisional Government; that Petrograd quiet; that Bolshevik troops were sent to Moscow to assist Bolsheviks there; that Cossack General Kaledin still completely controls Don Cossack region thereby holding all of Russia’s coal and bread supplies; that Abo and Aland still in hands of Russian troops, Helsingfors committee also ordering frontier to be closed; and that passports visaed by Russian missions abroad not to be recognized here. Another irregular train arrived this morning but carrying few passengers. Norwegian courier states opposing forces in Moscow evenly divided but that new Bolshevik troops sent from Petrograd will succeed to overcome loyalty supporters.