File No. 861.00/695

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


1024. From Petrograd:

1993, November 19, 9 p.m. No disturbances here or Moscow. Bolshevik control in Moscow; also have force here but appear unwilling or unable to exercise it. Food becoming scarcer daily, bread ration lowered to three-quarters pound for two days. Mayor of Petrograd informed municipal council that Soviet asked State Bank for fifteen million rubles which refused thereupon neutral soldier guard replaced by guard of Bolshevik regiment. City Duma, thinking bank seriously threatened, appointed special commission of twenty councilors for its protection and decided to issue appeal to troops and population on the subject.

When All-Russian Soviet adjourned November 8 after appointing Ministry with Lenin President and Trotsky Minister for Foreign Affairs, it elected executive committee of one hundred. About thirty withdrew from committee after an effort to form compromise ministry failed. Remainder of committee at meeting yesterday by vote of fifty-five to five made Lenin virtually dictator by giving him authority to formulate and promulgate rules, regulations and laws for the government of Russia. Some prominent Bolshevik members of committee headed by Kamenev, Rykov and others withdrew from committee and issued address giving reasons therefor. Peasant soldiers of western front at the instance of Chernov adopted resolution against Lenin ministry and declared until Constituent Assembly meets would recognize no new government not empowered by All- [Page 238] Russian Congress of Peasants. Ten or more Bolshevik ministers resigned. Francis.

Our passport control representative at Torneå wires revolutionary-military committee assumes charge there and prohibits exits when unauthorized by Smolny.