File No. 861.00/551

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1797. Unconfirmed rumors that conference postponed until 15th. Minister for Foreign Affairs whom I saw 1 o’clock said conservative sentiment in Soviet growing, Bolshevik power diminishing. Nikitin only democrat appointed, Minister of the Interior becoming Minister of Post and Telegraph, also member of war committee with Kerensky; Tereshchenko, Minister of War, Minister of Marine. This considered concession to Soviet. Trotsky, returned exile from America, imprisoned since July 18, released, made violent attack on Kerensky in Petrograd Council of Workmen-Soldiers. Kerensky returns to-morrow but will not attend conference. If conference indorses Provisional Government situation clarified, if otherwise clash may ensue and possibly present Government officials may go to Moscow claiming right to transfer Government. In such event Soviet likely to announce new ministry of its members. If such conditions obtain my present feeling is to remain in Petrograd keep you advised of developments. Kerensky and Tereshchenko are only surviving Ministers of original Provisional Government and authority of present Ministry to remove capital not unquestionable if new government organized by Soviet represents will of Russian democracy as they claim.