File No. 861.00/531

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1774. Quiet here but tone of Minister for Foreign Affairs less confident than yesterday. Told me regiment marching to station to leave for front carried banner opposing Provisional Government and favoring Soviet; said regiment not disturbed but projected destination changed. Furthermore said understood Tseretelli reported to favor Soviet ministry but had not so informed him. Minister for Foreign Affairs continues expressing confidence in Government ability to suppress Bolshevik outbreak which he says likely to occur. Minister for Foreign Affairs said 16th confidentially new Ministry be announced Saturday when conclusion of Provisional Government to move capital to Moscow be also announced. To-day said no time fixed for either announcement but vacancies in the Ministry be filled on Kerensky’s return Friday. Kerensky is President Ministry and Commander in Chief army. Been at the front with Minister of War and Minister of Admiralty since 17th; they, with Minister for Foreign Affairs and Nikitin, constitute committee five who are administering Government. Do not anticipate Soviet ministry but if should assume control Chernov or Tseretelli would be President unless Kerensky yields to Soviet which Minister for Foreign Affairs says will not do. In the first event Tereshchenko be removed, in the [Page 195] latter, would resign. Possibly if the Soviet dominates Petrograd and Provisional Government departs for Moscow may be two councils of ministers. Portion Embassy staff somewhat nervous but I think unnecessarily. Minister for Foreign Affairs promises one or more special trains for the Diplomatic Corps if Government goes to Moscow.

Just received American papers giving account of my attempted assassination, also presence in Sweden; both absolutely untrue. Have not been absent day since January when in Moscow four days.