File No. 861.00/557

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1804. Papers announce that Tereshchenko has resigned. I have just left him. He states that he has told Kerensky who returned [Page 196] yesterday he would not serve if Ministry dominated by the Soviet and said that Kerensky would do likewise. Said that Kerensky feared conflict, but replied that he did not know when asked if meant armed conflict. When asked if army would obey Soviet or the Provisional Government, replied that if the Soviet dominated by Bolsheviks army would follow Kerensky, but if conservative sentiment prevails in the Soviet did not know which side the army would follow. I think Verkhovski important factor will follow will of conference. Minister of Foreign Affairs expects that moderation will control national conference assembling to-morrow with 1,600 members. Kerensky will ask to address conference but will not speak if Lenin is a member as Lenin charged with treason for inciting disturbance of July 17 and been fugitive since that date. Lenin elected delegate from Petrograd Soviet which controlled by Bolshevik sentiment. Moscow removal dropped until after conference whose action awaited by all factions.

Finland declared independence, called Parliament for 28th, of which Russian Government plans to prevent meeting. Minister of Foreign Affairs says learned from English sources German fleet of sixty-four flags comprising eleven dreadnoughts, thirty transports with cruisers, torpedo-boat destroyers, etc., left Danzig 24th headed north, destination unknown.