File No. 861.00/533a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis)


724. Samuel Gompers transmits following message to Russia:

The soul of American labor and democracy beats in unison with the spirit and aspirations of Russia’s people. Our people and our democratic Republic realize the difficulties with which the Russian people are confronted in establishing a government founded upon the consent of the governed and carrying the aspirations of the people into concrete effect. May I therefore not urge Russia’s workers, the Russian people, while insisting upon their rights, protecting and promoting their interests and welfare, they will be patient and forbearing in the effort now being made to give to Russia a definite permanent democratic government.

The democracies of the world are united in a life and death struggle to crush autocracy, imperialism and militarism; to make universal justice and international peace the attribute and blessing of humanity. Samuel Gompers.