File No. 861.00/461

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1603. Kerensky returned 7 last evening and now engaged in selecting new Ministry in which all parties be represented. He has not decided to have absolute break with his party but reassured necessity therefor and will take first step in refusing to submit to its dictation in selecting Ministry. Cadets agreed to representation in the Ministry after Milyukov conferred with Kerensky last evening. Such Ministry will be stronger than its predecessor which is step forward but no Ministry can be formed that will be impervious to attack if bread riots occur and such are likely if food scarcity not relieved. The very fact that able men are now criticizing openly Council of Workmen-Soldiers indicates improved public sentiment as few if any have had such courage heretofore.

Guchkov returned from front and advises will call on me tomorrow. Understand his reports concerning conditions in army rather discouraging. Erdelli not killed but wounded.

Quiet here.