File No. 861.00/459

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1600. Continuing my No. 1597. Kerensky’s resignation presented to the President counselors last evening as contemplated who without formally acting thereon called a conference at Winter Palace where [Page 175] Duma and Ministry and Cadets and Workmen-Soldiers all represented by their leaders. Numerous speeches showed serious emergency prevailing. Erdelli, prominent general at front, killed by his own men.1 Milyukov advocated giving Kerensky authority to select Ministry. Continued speaking until 7 this morning when adjourned after giving Kerensky, who did not attend, full power to form Ministry, which he now attempting. Kerensky was given like authority last week but he and other socialist Ministers were then compelled to report to Council Workmen-Soldiers, and if that still obtains this authority will avail nothing.

  1. See next document.