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The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1605. Understand Ministers selected not yet announced. Kerensky, President and Minister of War; Tereshchenko, Minister of Foreign [Page 176] Affairs; Chernov likely to remain Minister of Agriculture. Kerensky apparently breaks with Workmen-Soldiers, who will be led by Tseretelli who quits Ministry. Yurenev, Minister of Ways of Communication, whom Stevens likewise thinks good appointment.

Above from Minister of Foreign Affairs who says war committee of five members assisted by Commander in Chief Kornilov were about to be named and especially charged with conduct of war. Five are Kerensky, Nekrasov, Tereshchenko, Savinkov, Assistant Minister of War, and Avksentiev, Minister of the Interior, also president of Peasant Congress. Savinkov considered iron man who will mercilessly suppress Bolshevik outbreaks if they occur.