File No. 714.1515/30

The Minister of Guatemala to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to express to your excellency, and, through your worthy medium to the illustrious American Government, the sincere gratitude of the Government of Gautemala for the kind and friendly reception with which the Special Mission of Guatemala has been favored during its work in Washington.

At the same time I have received instructions from my Government to accept, with sincere satisfaction, the good offices and friendly [Page 781] mediation which your excellency has had the goodness to offer, to the end that a prompt settlement may be reached in the matter of the boundary dispute between Guatemala and Honduras, in the manner proposed in the memorandum which your excellency has handed the Special Mission, and which without doubt constitutes the most adequate means to this end. In this connection I beg of your excellency to have the goodness to recommend to the Government of Honduras, as a preliminary step, that the protocol recently signed by representatives of Guatemala and Honduras be put into effect, with the laudable purpose of removing all difficulties.

I renew [etc.]

Joaquín Méndez