File No. 815.00/1736

The Secretary of State to Minister Ewing


Your November 1, noon. You may inform Government of Honduras that this Government brought statement of Minister of Foreign Affairs in regard to presence of Guatemalan troops on frontier to attention of President Estrada Cabrera, who informed American Minister, that Guatemalan laborers guarded by troops were repairing bridges and roads in territory of Guatemala in expectation of an invasion by Honduras. He further stated that he desired question of boundary to remain in statu quo. He declared that Honduras had one thousand soldiers in Guatemalan territory and that for time being he has withdrawn his soldiers and laborers from certain contact with Honduran troops.

The Secretary of the Legation at Guatemala has been sent to locality to investigate; when his reports are received, you will be notified.

Guatemala’s Special Mission to United States now in Washington has requested good offices and mediation of United States in boundary dispute with Honduras. United States has informed them that if both countries desired this and so requested, it would tender impartial good offices and mediation.