File No. 812.00/11552.

The Secretary of State to certain American diplomatic missions 14

[Circular telegram.]

General Huerta having refused to comply unconditionally with Admiral Mayo’s demand for a salute, the President will lay the matter before Congress this afternoon with a view of taking such steps as may be necessary to enforce respect to the flag.

In reply to an inquiry Chargé O’Shaughnessy had several days ago informed the Mexican Foreign Office that a return salute is the invariable custom and that the United States could be relied upon to live up to the requirements of international courtesy. But General Huerta first asked for a simultaneous salute, and when that was refused asked for a protocol agreeing that the salute would be returned. The President refused to allow a protocol to be signed or a return salute to be made a matter of contract.

Will inform you of the action taken by Congress but there is no doubt that it will support the President in his action.

  1. Sent to the Embassies at London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Madrid and Tokyo and the Legation at Guatemala.