File No. 839.00/1557.


All four presidential candidates unanimously and earnestly request one week postponement of election because the printers here cannot [Page 254] possibly get out the required printed matter in time to be prepared and distributed by the 18th. President Báez joins in request. He is specially so arranging the requested court procedure that election violation complaints can be readily disposed of so that inauguration may be on December 1st as was previously planned. Commission believes in the good faith of request and concurs in reasonableness if not absolute necessity of extension and believes that the added time for pacification will be useful and worth while. They also request three days for balloting instead of two as they claim otherwise large factions will be unable to vote and the Commission recommends it. Will Department please instruct Commission at the very earliest moment as time presses extremely. Báez wishes to have Public Works begin on the projected road to La Vega and built now fifteen kilometers from here using three hundred La Vega discharged soldiers, to help pacify. Bordas Government authorized it and Public Works planned its immediate undertaking but Department has never authorized it. Commission after inquiry can find no reason to suppose the work objectionable in any quarter and it would seem to be a salutary measure at this juncture. Your early instructions would be vitally opportune. White in Cibao.