File No. 823.00/117.

Minister McMillin to the Secretary of State.


The situation is improved and complete order exists in the city. Those members of Congress now in town met last night, appointed a junta consisting of a member from each political party, and formed the governing junta under the presidency of Benavides, ex-chief of staff, who has appointed Colonel Gonzales Prefect of Lima.

A proclamation signed by him was posted last night assuring all of complete safety and a return to normal conditions and to-day business has been fully resumed.

There was slight trouble in Cuzco as to the recognition of the new government, but elsewhere it seems to have been accepted at once.

The various portfolios of state have already been filled by the junta. [Omission], it appears, has also cabled Leguia offering him the presidency. The President is still in prison but in no danger. So far no concerted action has been taken among the Diplomatic Corps