File No. 312.52/158.

Special Agent Carothers to the Secretary of State.


Villa arrived in Juarez this morning. I interviewed him at once and he has renewed his assurances of protection to all foreigners including Spaniards, says inform you he can not respond for lives of those killed during battle but those there after battle will be given every protection. I am satisfied now that he will be amenable your telegram of today received. I will follow Villa and do everything possible. I advise sending special messenger to Torreon via Eagle Pass. Please telegraph me authority to send him and wire Bonnet in my care here to follow my instructions. This will accompany messenger. It will be very hard to arrange neutral zone as outlined by you as Federals are not so favorably disposed to us. Villa will not release Terrazas, Junior, but has assured me positively no harm shall befall him nor further molestation to his person occur. Letter follows. He will be in Juarez several days.

G. C. Carothers