File No. 21641/8.

Chargé Harvey to the Secretary of State.


Acknowledges department’s February 5: Reports Nalbandian matter taken up first with Bulgarian Legation and fact that extradition treaty does not exist made plain, Bulgarian minister stating that he was fully aware that under such circumstances the Government of the United States could not reciprocate, and at his suggestion telegram was sent to Bulgarian foreign office asking if Nalbandian would be surrendered by Bulgarian Government on presentation of formal demand. Says in reply to his request he was informed that the Bulgarian Legation had been instructed to act, and next day formal notice was received from the Bulgarian Legation that Nalbandian would be surrendered. Mr. Harvey adds that nothing was said about reciprocal action, but in an informal conversation afterwards the Bulgarian minister intimated that in the present case his Government did not desire to raise this point. Says the prisoner is now held until presentation of extradition papers, and asks if it is the desire of the department that the Bulgarian Government be notified again, formally, that the Government of the United States can not reciprocate.