The British Embassy to the Department of State.


His Majesty’s ambassador received with pleasure on the 19th April the expression of the hope on the part of the Secretary of State that he would be able shortly to communicate his proposals for the reestablishment on a better basis of the finances of Liberia by the aid of the joint action of American, British, French, and German financiers.

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This statement was communicated to His Majesty’s Government, who, in the confident expectation that some such proposal would shortly be forthcoming, suspended any action on their own part with the object of facilitating the task of the United States Government.

This course has, however, involved a delay during which British interests in Liberia have been, and are, suffering, and His Majesty’s Government are informed that the Government of Liberia is now even unable to provide for the sinking fund of the loan due on July 1.

In view of the urgency of the situation His Majesty’s ambassador has been instructed to request the Secretary of State to be good enough to communicate, as soon as he finds it possible to do so, the proposals which the United States Government intend to make regarding the matter, which has now become urgent.

He may be assured that His Majesty’s Government will be favorably disposed toward any scheme for the better regulation of Liberian finances through the benevolent counsels of the United States of America which should not involve any result prejudicial to existing British interests.