The Secretary of State to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Liberia.

Excellency: In the interview which he had on June 1 last with the commissioners whom his excellency the President of Liberia was pleased to send to the United States, my predecessor, the honorable Elihu Root, expressed to them the friendly interest of the United States in Liberia and this Government’s willingness to examine the subjects presented by the commissioners with a view to determine whether and to what extent the United States could be of assistance to Liberia.

Being satisfied, after a most careful consideration of the subject, that a commission of experienced and judicious American citizens should be sent to Liberia to examine the situation there and to confer with the officers of the Liberian Government with a view to reporting recommendations as to the specific action on the part of the Government of the United States which might afford the most effective measures of relief, Secretary Root applied to Congress for legislative action which would enable this to be done.

The Congress of the United States at its last session having favorably responded to this application, I have been pleased to designate Mr. Roland Post Falkner, Dr. George Sale, and Mr. Emmitt J. Scott, distinguished citizens of the United States, to compose the commission. I request your excellency to receive them favorably and to procure for them such assistance as may be needed from the authorities of Liberia in carrying out the instructions I have issued to them.

The commission will be accompanied by Mr. George A. Finch, as secretary, Maj. Percy M. Ashburn, of the Medical Corps of the United States Army, and Capt. Sydney A. Cloman, United States Army, military attaché to the embassy of the United States at London, as medical and military attachés, respectively, and Mr. Frank Abial Flower as civilian attaché.

I offer, etc.,

P. C. Knox.