Minister Moses to the Secretary of State.

No. 161, Greek series.]

Sir: I have the honor to confirm my telegram of the 23d instant,1 relating to Charlie (alias Kyriakoulis), Sotirakos, who is wanted by the police of McKeesport, Pa., for the murder of his wife at that place August 6, 1909.

By a note from the foreign office I am informed that Sotirakos is now in jail at Athens awaiting indictment.

Referring to your instruction No. 32 of May 20, ultimo, inquiring whether Sotirakos can be tried in Greece for the crime committed in the United States, I have the honor to report that, since Greek law does not recognize naturalization without the consent of the King, Sotirakos, regardless of his status in America, is regarded as a Greek subject and may be brought to trial here for crimes committed anywhere.

I have, etc.,

George H. Moses.
  1. Not printed.