The Secretary of State to Minister Moses.

No. 32.]

Sir: I inclose herewith a copy of a circular1 issued by the police department of McKeesport, Pa., requesting the arrest of Charlie Sotirakos, who is wanted at that place on a charge of murder.

[Page 641]

You will transmit this circular to the Greek foreign office for its information, and add that the accused is reported by the police authorities of Allegheny County, Pa., to be now under arrest and in jail at Athens, Greece, on a charge of strangling a woman in Piraeus.

You will report to the department the status or result of the trial of the fugitive for this crime committed in Piraeus; also whether it would be possible to have the fugitive tried in Greece for the crime committed in the United States.

I am,

Mr. Knox
Huntington Wilson.
  1. Not printed.