File No. 21158/4.

Ambassador Kerens to the Secretary of State.

No. 66.]

Sir: Referring to previous correspondence in the citizenship case of Rudolf Warren-Lippit and the department’s instruction No. 19, of June 1, 1910, I have the honor to report that Mr. Warren-Lippit called on me to-day at my request, when he was shown a copy of his statement of May 10, 1910. He declared that there must have been some misunderstanding on the part of the person who made the above-mentioned statement, as he never intended to convey the impression given by reading the said statement.

Mr. Warren-Lippit voluntarily made the inclosed affidavit, which answers, at least as far as he says that he is able to, the department’s question as to whether he ever actually resided in this country or whether his stay in the United States was merely in the nature of a temporary sojourn.

The inclosed memorandum, signed by Secretary Rives before whom Mr. Warren-Lippit made his previous statement, is explanatory thereof.

I further inclose Mr. Rudolf Warren-Lippit’s application for a passport, taken at this embassy to-day.

I have, etc.,

R. C. Kerens.


Referring to the citizenship of Rudolf Warren-Lippit, who was at this embassy again to-day and made an affidavit under oath, I hereby certify that the original statement of Mr. Lippit in reply to the questions placed by the Department of State [Page 76] was made in my presence on or about May 10, 1910, but as Mr. Lippit answered the questions somewhat hurriedly without placing very much importance upon his answers, and as he made no oath to his statement at that time, I am personally of the opinion that his statement made to-day under oath is the one which should govern the case.

The original dispatch of May 10 was drafted by me for the ambassador’s signature.

George Barclay Rives,
Secretary of Embassy.