File No. 21158/3.

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Kerens.

No. 19.]

Sir: Referring to previous correspondence, the department acknowledges the receipt of your No. 22 of the 10th instant, in regard to the citizenship of Rudolf Warren-Lippit, who was born in Vienna of an American father and an Austrian mother, and of his son bearing the same name, who was born at Thurnisch in 1890. It is stated in your dispatch that the elder Warren-Lippit informed you that he does not intend ever to return to this country to reside, and [Page 75] it seems doubtful whether the son who is now attending school at Graz intends to come to this country. It is also stated in your dispatch that the father informed you that he was last in this country about 30 years ago. Referring to section 1993 of the Revised Statutes of the United States, quoted in the department’s instruction No. 358, of September 8, 1909, to Mr. Rives, you are requested to ascertain from the elder Warren-Lippit whether he ever actually resided in this country, or whether his stay in the United States was merely in the nature of a temporary sojourn. In other words, you will endeavor to inform the department as to the duration, cause, and nature of his stay in the United States. In order to decide definitely as to the status of the two Warren-Lippits it would be well to advise them to apply to the department, through your office, for American passports or to apply to the consul general at Vienna for registration as American citizens. The consul general should be informed as to the correspondence in this case so as to preclude the registration of these men before it has been specifically authorized by the department.

I am, etc.,

P. C. Knox.