File No. 11302/123A.

The Secretary of State to the Argentine Minister.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you of the appointment by the President of the following gentlemen as delegates of the United States of America to the Fourth International Conference of American States which convenes at Buenos Aires on July 9, 1910: Mr. Henry White, chairman; Col. Enoch Herbert Crowder, United States Army; Mr. Lewis Nixon, Mr. John Bassett Moore, Mr. Bernard Moses, Mr. Lamar Charles Quintero, Mr. Paul Samuel Reinsch, and Mr. David Kinley.

In view of the deep interest that the President and this Government take in the conference in question, unusual care has been exercised in the selection of the above delegation, and I beg to call your attention to the high character and well-known reputation of the gentlemen that are to go to Buenos Aires.

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The department informed Mr. Sherrill, its diplomatic representative at Buenos Aires, some time ago, of the appointment of the gentlemen referred to above, but I have delayed making this formal announcement to yourself until to-day when the President has decided definitely that the number of our delegates will not be increased beyond the eight I have already mentioned.

Accept, etc.,

Mr. Knox
Huntington Wilson.