The Secretary of State to Ambassador Storer.

No. 165.]

Sir: Inclosed herewith is a copy of a letter dated the 15th instant from Mr. S. C. Nealea in relation to the alleged discrimination practiced by the Hungarian Government against the American Line, a corporation organized in the State of New Jersey, in favor of other steamship lines in the matter of the granting of a license to transport passengers between Hungary and the United States.

While it is not the ordinary usage of the Department to lend its assistance to American citizens in procuring licenses or concessions from foreign governments, this appears to be an exceptional case in which an undue and unfriendly discrimination is practiced against a most reputable American line of steamers. You will take the matter up with the Austro-Hungarian Government and make such representations as may be suitable to obtain for the American Line the same license and opportunity of service as is accorded by the government to other lines of steamers.

I am, sir, etc.,

John Hay.
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