The Mexican Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

Dear Mr. Root: Your letter of the 11th instant has just reached me, together with the letters that you had received from some American citizens having interests in Mexico, and wherein are contained detailed accounts of the hostile activity of the Yaquis and the depredations committed by them, to the great damage of life and property of my countrymen, as well as of said American citizens.

The Mexican Government has always given to the Yaqui question all the importance that it deserves, and has endeavored through various means within its power to reestablish that confidence which the inhabitants or those regions ought to have, and to give them all the security which undoubtedly they should enjoy.

The information which you sent will prove most useful to my government, because, as you say, private and personal information in the United States, as well as in Mexico, especially when relating to the uprisings of Indians, is of the greatest importance to the authorities, so that they may take the necessary steps to insure prompt and efficacious action.

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I am transmitting to my government your letter and inclosures, and I recommend, in compliance with the desire you expressed, that it may give the subject its due attention.

I hope that very soon I shall be able to communicate to you the answer I may receive from my government.

I remain, etc.,

Joaquin D. Casasus.