Chargé McCreery to the Secretary of State.

No. 127.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 125, of the 4th instant, inclosing copies of correspondence showing that I presented to the foreign office the complaint of the president of the Mina Grande Mining and Milling Company that the authorities of the State of Sonora did not furnish proper protection to the employees of the company against the Yaqui Indians and refused to furnish escort when it was desired to visit the mine or ship ore from the mine, and also showing that the Mexican Government requested the governor of Sonora to furnish such escort when required, I have the honor to inclose copy and translation of a note from Mr. Mariscal, dated the 7th instant, and of the communication from the governor therewith transmitted, stating that the company had not made application to him or to the commander of the military district and that if application had been made escort would have been furnished.

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I have sent a translation of Mr. Mariscal’s note and inclosure to the president of the company.

I have, etc.,

Fenton R. McCreery.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs to Chargé McCreery.

Mr. Chargé d’affaires: Referring to your note, dated October 9 last, relating to the case of the Mina Grande Mining and Milling Company, which claims to have asked in vain for an escort from the authorities of Sonora in order to visit its mining property, which it considers in danger of being assaulted by the Yaqui Indians, I have the honor to transmit to you herewith a copy of a communication from the governor of the State of Sonora, stating that he has not received said request, as otherwise he would have attended to it in the usual manner.

I renew, etc.,

Igno Mariscal.

The governor of Sonora to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Government of the free and sovereign State of Sonora.

This government received, together with your courteous note No. 443, dated the 14th instant, a copy of a communication addressed by the president of the Mina Grande Mining and Milling Company to the chargé d’affaires ad interim of the United States of America to Mexico, stating that he had asked the authorities of this state for an escort in order to visit the company’s property, which he considers in danger of being assaulted by the Yaqui Indians, and that said escort was denied.

In reply I have the honor to say that neither this government nor the military commander of the zone, to whom I referred the matter, have heard of said request, for if the same had been received the usual escort would have been furnished, as the government as well as the military commander are and have always been willing to give protection not only to persons traveling from one place to another, but also to shipments of ores and merchandise belonging to mining concerns.

I renew, etc.,

Rafael Izabel.