The Acting Secretary of State to the Japanese Minister.

My Dear Mr. Minister: The Department is advised by the Acting Secretary of the Navy that certain officers of the interned Russian war vessels at Manila, whose names are given below, have signed the parole not to further engage in the present war with Japan and have been authorized to leave the immediate vicinity of Manila and to return to Russia: Lieut. D. de Daehn, I. R. Navy; Lieut. A. Losseff, I. R. Navy; Sublieut. M. Bertenson, I. R. Navy; Sublieut. V. Iakovleff, I. R. Navy.

These are the officers in regard to whom Mr. Hioki’s personal note of July 31 last informed me the Japanese Government would have no objection to their being permitted to return to Russia under the conditions exacted by the Government of the United States in former similar cases. My informal note of August 8 advised Mr. Hioki that the Secretary of the Navy had, in view of this acquiescence, authorized the commander of the Philippine Squadron to permit their return to Russia upon giving their parole.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee.