Minister O’Brien to the Secretary of State.

No. 42.]

Sir: Last evening the members of the diplomatic corps were invited to an audience with the newly-elected King Haakon VII to take place at his apartments at 11.30 this morning. I was present, along with Mr. Lorillard, secretary of the legation.

Although I had received no word from the Department, I took the liberty of congratulating the King upon his accession, both on my own behalf and on behalf of our government. He replied in suitable words and asked that I convey to my government his sincere thanks. I learned afterwards that the President had already cabled to the King direct.

This message I have obtained and the following is a translation, which I give you by way of verification:

I felicitate Your Majesty on being chosen by the Norwegian people to succeed to the throne of Haakon and Olaf—of Harold and Sigurd.

Of course a large number of telegrams were received, but the foregoing was the only one printed in the Danish papers. It was at once sent forward to Christiania and was printed there last evening—the only one which appeared.

I have, etc.

T. J. O’Brien.