Mr. Day to Mr. Clayton.

No. 57.]

Sir: I inclose herewith a copy of a letter from the Hon. Stephen M. White,a United States Senate, transmitting a letter from the Hon. John T. Doyle, in which Mr. Doyle again calls the Department’s attention to the claim of the Catholic Church of California against Mexico, known as the “Pious fund of California,” and requests favorable action on it.

You will please familiarize yourself with the previous correspondence relating to this case (instructions Nos. 563, 684, 820, and 35, of August 3, 1891, February 19, 1892, September 15, 1892, June 8, 1893, respectively, and dispatch No. 737 of August 7, 1891), and bring the matter again to the attention of the Mexican Government, endeavoring to ascertain its attitude toward the claim.

Respectfully, yours,

William R. Day,
Acting Secretary.
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