Mr. Bryan to Mr. Hay.

No. 301.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 293 of December 5, 1900, I have the honor to report the passage of a satisfactory amendment to the law which forbade the use on foreign imports, except those from Portugal, of labels in Portuguese.

I inclose, with translation, a copy of the amendment which limits the requirement for such labels to an indication thereon, by stamping or printing, of the country of origin.

I also send a copy of the circular of the minister of the fazenda which postpones until February 28 the execution of the law.

I have, etc.,

Charles Page Bryan.
[Inclosure 1.—Translation.]

Article 21 of law No. 741 of December 26, 1900.

Art. 21. For the second part of article 45 of the law No. 641 of November 14, 1899, is substituted the following: “On the labels of articles manufactured abroad, that are written wholly or partly in the Portuguese language, the country of origin shall be indicated.”

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[Inclosure 2.—Translation.]

Circular No. 77, ministry of the fazenda, Federal Capital, December 3, 1900.

Having decided to permit until the 28th of the coming February the importation of foreign products with labels wholly or partly written in the Portuguese language without the declaration of origin demanded by article 21 of law No. 741 of the 26th of the current month, I therefore make it known to the chiefs of departments subordinate to this ministry for their information and the proper dispositions.

Joaquin Murtinho.