Mr. Bryan to Mr. Hay.

No. 278.]

Sir: In relation to the amendments offered in Congress which practically repeal the law forbidding articles from abroad to bear labels in [Page 61] Portuguese, I have the honor to report that I protested to the minister of the fazenda against a legislative proposal requiring foreign labels to have printed on them the name of the manufacturer and that of the country from which the merchandise emanates. The minister agreed that this requirement was undesirable, and promised to recommend that no change in labels be demanded beyond an indication thereon of the country from which the goods were exported. This guard against adulteration exists in England, but as it is objected to by representatives here of American exporters, I intend to ask for all modifications desired by our business interests. Pending the appeal or amendment as desired of the objectionable law, I have persuaded the minister to further extend until December 1 the suspension of its enforcement.

I have, etc.,

Charles Page Bryan.