Memorandum delivered by the Chinese minister.

An Imperial edict of the eighth day of the seventh moon (August 2, 1900), transmitted by Viceroy Li Hung Chang, Viceroy Liu Kun Yi, and Director-General Sheng, under date of August 4, 1900, to Minister Yang, at St. Petersburg, and retransmitted by the latter, under date of August 7, and received by Minister Wu on the evening of the last-named date. It is as follows:

Li Hung Chang and Liu Kun Yi, in response to their joint memorial proposing the sending of the foreign ministers to Tientsin, received on the 8th instant (August 2) the following Imperial edict:

Throughout the disturbances recently caused by our subjects on account of Christian missions, which have resulted in a conflict of forces, it has been found necessary to afford protection to all the foreign ministers in Pekin. On repeated occasions the Tsungli Yamen sent notes inquiring after their welfare. And, as Pekin has not yet been restored to order and precautionary measures may not secure absolute safety, the foreign ministers are being consulted as to the proposed plan of detailing troops to escort them safely to Tientsin for temporary shelter, so that they may be free from apprehensive anxiety or fear.

We hereby command Jung Lu to appoint, as a preliminary step, trustworthy high civil and military officials, who, together with reliable and efficient troops, shall, at such time as the foreign ministers may agree upon for leaving Pekin, escort and protect them throughout their journey. Should lawless characters manifest evil designs upon the ministers, or attempt to rob them, or in any way create trouble, they (the high officials) shall at once repress them without fail.

If the foreign ministers before leaving Pekin should desire to communicate with their respective governments, and if their telegraphic messages should be in plain language, the Tsungli Yamen shall at once attend to them without the least delay, thus manifesting the utmost friendliness of the Imperial Government. Respect this.