Memorandum delivered by the Chinese minister.

Cablegram of Yu Lien Yuen, taotai of Shanghai, dated August 2, 1900, was received by Minister Wu on the evening of August 3. Left with Acting Secretary Adee August 4, 1900.

Tsungli yamen’s cablegram of July 30 is as follows:

Foreign ministers in Pekin are all safe and well. Recently vegetables, fruit, and provisions have been repeatedly supplied to them. Relations most friendly. At present consultations are going on for the protection, of various ministers going to [Page 283] Tientsin for temporary shelter, which will soon be concluded satisfactorily. But as fighting is going on in Tientsin it is inexpedient that cipher telegrams should be sent. Different consuls have been notified, so that they may inform their respective governments. Please inform the foreign office.

Besides wiring to other ministers I transmit the above to you.

Yu Lien Yuen.