Memorandum handed to the Secretary of State by the Chinese minister.

Cablegram from the Shanghai Taotai Yu, dated 20th July, received by Minister Wu on same date.

Your telegram was forwarded as requested. I send you the reply of Tsungli Yamen, as follows:

Your telegram of the 15th day of this moon (11th July) received. Secretary of State’s telegram has been handed to Minister Conger. Herewith Minister Conger’s reply to the Secretary of State.1 Please forward.


Cablegram from Liu Kun-Yi, viceroy at Nankin, dated July 21, 1900, and received by Minister Wu at 10 a.m. the same day. Left at the Department of State July 21, 1900.

According to edict of 22d of this (sixth) moon (July 18), with the exception of the German minister who was killed by anarchists, with regard to which rigorous measures are being taken to investigate and punish the guilty parties, all the other ministers, to whom strenuous efforts are being made to afford protection, are fortunately unharmed.

  1. Printed p. 156.