Mr. Adee to Mr. Conger via Consul-General Goodnow.


(Mr. Adee directs Mr. Goodnow to present the following for immediate transmission to Minister Conger, under Imperial edict August 5, guaranteeing free communication of this Government with its minister in cipher:

Washington, August 8.

Conger, American Minister, Pekin:

Your telegram of August 3 received afternoon of the 7th. Chinese minister advises Department to-day of edict dated August 5, allowing free communication in cipher between foreign ministers in Pekin and their Governments.

You are directed by the President to report immediately fully in cipher, dating dispatch—

Present prospects and condition; American casualties.
All evidence of participation by Imperial troops in attacks on legation.
The substance of all communications during the siege between you and the Imperial Government.
All acts toward you by Imperial Government or its officers during the siege, and especially regarding protection, assistance in defense, prevention of attacks, supplies of food, communications with this Government, giving dates of specific acts.
Relief expedition, Major-General Chaffee commanding American division toward Pekin, has reached and captured Peitsang. Consult other ministers and give opinion as to probable resistance at Pekin, and suggestions regarding course to be followed and conduct of operations.)