Mr. Conger to the Secretary of State.

[Telegram.—Paraphrase. Received August 10, through Chinese minister. Date of sending lost in transmission.]

(Mr. Conger reports that the diplomatic corps is informed by the yamen that the foreign governments have frequently requested, through Chinese minister, their immediate departure from Pekin, [Page 158] under proper escort. The yamen asks them to make necessary arrangements and fix a date of departure. The diplomatic corps reply that they will ask instructions of their governments, in the absence of which they can not leave their posts. In order that they may go safely, Mr. Conger states that only foreign troops can escort them and must be in sufficient force to safeguard 800 foreigners, including 50 wounded and 200 women and children, besides 3,000 native Christians, who can not be abandoned to certain massacre. They can not accept a Chinese escort under any circumstances. All of his colleagues are sending the above to their governments. Seven United States marines have been killed and sixteen wounded, among the latter Captain Myers and Dr. Lippett; doing well.