No. 76.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Seward .

No. 199.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 332, of the 22d September last, inclosing a copy of a letter from the consul-general at Shanghai, covering a circular addressed by the chairman of the chamber of commerce at that place to the ministers of the treaty powers on the Woosung Railway, advising them of the determination of the Chinese authorities to discontinue the use of the Woosung Railway, and requesting the exercise of their good offices with a view to the maintenance of the line, has been received.

In reply, I have to observe that it is deemed advisable, without questioning the right of discretion in the matter belonging to, the Government of China, that you should take such steps as may appear proper, in concert with the representatives of other powers, to represent to the Chinese authorities, on the ground of public policy and convenience, the inexpediency of taking the course which they are understood to contemplate in reference to the Woosung Railroad.

I am, &c.,