No. 57.
Mr. Seward to Councilor Borges.

My dear Mr. Borges: The Navy Department has fitted out a suitable vessel of war for the purpose of ascending the Amazon to the mouth of the Madera River, provided with proper instruments to make a running survey in transit, and to determine geographical positions with whatever accuracy is attainable with the means furnished, the object being to endeavor to increase the commerce between the United States and that large and fertile region of Brazil.

The vessel designated for this work is the United States steamer Enterprise, Commander Thomas O. Selfridge, United States Navy, commanding, and I have been requested by the Secretary of the Navy to apply to you for a letter commending him to the authorities at Para, Brazil.

The subject of the proposed survey has been brought to the attention of the Brazilian Government through the United States minister at Rio [Page 71] de Janeiro, but sufficient time has not as yet elapsed for the Department to receive a reply.

I am, &c.,

Acting Secretary.