No. 527.
Mr. Farman to Mr. Evarts.

No. 254.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 245, of the 3d instant, in the last paragraph of which I mentioned the fact that a medical commission had [Page 924] been appointed to report upon the condition of two officers, Colonels Dye and Colston, citizens of the United States recently discharged from the military service of the Government of His Highness the Khedive, I now have the honor to state that the minister of war, upon examining the report of the commission, decided that these officers were not entitled to any indemnity on account of their disabilities.

Having examined the facts in their cases and become satisfied that the decision was unjust, I brought the subject before the Khedive, who instructed the minister of foreign affairs to have a new medical commission appointed to re-examine these cases.

Upon the report of the new commission the minister of war reconsidered his decision, and Colonels Dye and Colston were yesterday each allowed £1,000 indemnity.

The sum was suggested by me, and is satisfactory to the officers.

I have, & c.,