No. 523.
Mr. Farman to Mr. Evarts.

No. 224.]

Sir: I have received from His Excellency Cherif Pasha a dispatch dated April 2, 1878, relating to a decree made by His Highness the Khedive, modifying certain articles of the civil and commercial code of procedure of the new tribunals of Egypt.

I have the honor to inclose a copy of the dispatch, its translation and two printed copies in Erench of the decree.

I am, sir,

[Inclosure in No. 224.—Translation.]

Cherif Pasha to Mr. Farnman .

No. 56.]

Mr. Agent and Consul-General: The experience acquired in the application of the laws of the reform has led the corps of magistracy to propose several modifications of articles 507, 528, 622, 639, 646, 688, and 707 of the Civil and Commercial Code of Procedure.

A simple comparison of the old text with the new texts which are intended to be introduced will suffice to show the utility of these modifications, and the advantages which will result from them to all parties interested.

Considering these advantages, and the new guarantees which these modifications] are calculated to bring about in the management of cases of “expropriation” (act of dispossessing debtors of their real property), the Khedive has invested them with his high sanction by decree dated the 24th of December last.

I have the honor to transmit you, printed in all three languages, this decree, which is to be put into execution one month after its present publication, according to the requirements of article 35 of the “Réglement d’Organization Judiciaire”; and, convinced beforehand, Mr. Agent and Consul-General, that you will recognize the force and opportuneness of the provisions it contains, I renew to you the expression of my high consideration.

The minister of foreign affairs and of justice,