No. 47.
Mr. Goodloe to Mr. Evarts.

No. 16.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that on last evening I received official notification of the acceptance of the resignation of the ministry and the appointment of the following-named gentlemen by His Majesty, all of whom have assumed control of their respective portfolios: Mr. H. J. W. Frère-Orban, minister of foreign affairs; Mr. Jules Bara, minister of justice; Mr. Gustave Rolin Jacquemyns, minister of the interior; Mr. Pierre Van Humbeeck, minister of public instruction; Mr. Charles Graux, minister of finance; Lieut. Gen. B. J. Renard, minister of war; Mr. Charles Sainctelette minister of public works.

Three of the members of the new ministry were in the liberal ministry [Page 57] of 1870, Messrs. Frére-Orban, Bara, and General Renard. The last two named occupy the same positions now as they did then, and Mr. Frére-Orban, who was then minister of finance, is now intrusted with foreign affairs. Messrs. Frère-Orban, Bara, Rolin Jacquemyns, Van Humbeeck, and Sainctelette are members of the chamber of representatives; Mr. Graux is a senator, and General Renard an aid-de-camp to His Majesty the King.

I have been to call in person upon all of the incoming and outgoing ministers, and inclose you herewith copies of communications addressed by me to the present and retiring ministers for foreign affairs in answer to official notifications from them of the change of the head of foreign affairs.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 16.]

Mr. Goodloe to Count Aspremont Lynden.

Monsieur Le Compte: In surrendering the duties of minister for foreign affairs to resume those of senator, I beg you to believe that you carry with you my sincerest wishes for your happiness and prosperity.

Our official acquaintance, though of short duration, was sufficient to enable me to form a high appreciation of your many accomplishments, perfect courtesy, and undeviating kindness, and I trust that our future personal relations may continue to be of a like pleasant and agreeable nature.

I pray, Monsieur Le Compte, that you accept the assurances of my most distinguished consideration.


Monsieur Le Compte d’Aspremont Lynden.

[Inclosure 2 in No. 16.]

Mr. Goodloe to Mr. Frère-Orban.

Monsieur Le Ministre: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 20th instant, in which you are pleased to inform me of your assumption of the portfolio of minister for foreign affairs, vice Le Compte d’Aspremont Lynden resigned.

I hasten to assure you of the pleasure it will give me, always guided by justice and the right, to so act in conjunction with yourself as to draw even nearer in bonds of friendship and reciprocal interests the Governments of his Majesty and that of the United States.

I feel satisfied in advance that our personal as well as official relations cannot be otherwise than of a happy and pleasant nature, and certainly every effort of mine shall be exerted toward the accomplishment of an object so agreeable.

I embrace, this, my first opportunity, Monsieur Le Ministre, to assure you of my most distinguished consideration.


Monsieur Frère-Orban,
Minister for Foreign Affairs.