No. 455.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Lowell.

No. 51.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 41, of the 6th ultimo, has been received.

The Department learns with sincere regret that the minister for foreign affairs of Spain has expressed disappointment at the tone of the President’s message with regard to Spanish affairs, the more so, because the brief allusion to that country, in the message, so far from being inspired by any unfriendly feeling towards Spain, was intended to express regret that anything should occur which might for a moment endanger the good relations which happily exist between the two countries, and which the President desires may be maintained. With regard to the remark make by Mr. Silvela respecting the absence in the message of an acknowledgment of the promptitude on the part of Spain in paying the awards of the commission, I beg to refer you, as a proof that the action of the Spanish Government in that particular was not unappreciated by this government, to the instruction, No. 537, addressed to Mr. Adee on the 24th of April last, which, after expressing gratification at the satisfactory conclusion of the matter, by Mr. Gushing, concludes as follows: “It is also gratifying to recognize the honorable spirit which has animated the government of Spain in the same transaction.”

You are requested to read this communication to Mr. Silvela, and to leave a copy thereof with him, should he so desire.

I am, &c.,