No. 429.
Mr. Moran to Mr. Evarts.

No. 213.]

Sir: For some time past political matters have been very quiet in Portugal, nothing having occurred during the summer that would be interesting to foreign nations; but on Sunday, the 13th instant, the election of members of the second chamber of the Cortes took place throughout the kingdom, in accordance with the provisions of the constitutional charter. The proceedings were everywhere conducted with the greatest order, and resulted in the return of a large majority of deputies favorably disposed to the existing, or Foutes, ministry, although the opposition triumphed in one or two of the largest towns, including Oporto. But no significance is attached to these successes. The overwhelming majority of the government remains practically unchanged. The annual session of the Cortes lasts three months, and the election for deputies takes place every four years, unless in the case of a dissolution, when a new Parliament must be called together immediately.

The last election took place in 1874.

I have, &c.,