No. 423.
Mr. Moran to Mr. Evarts.

No. 174.]

Sir: Referring to your circular of the 23d of May, giving instructions in regard to attentions to be paid to General Grant, should he come to Portugal, and to my No. 159, dated 13th July last, I have to report that in an interview with the Marquez d’Avila e de Bolama, on the 5th instant, he inquired, with great interest, if General Grant would visit Lisbon. Upon my informing him that it now seemed doubtful, the marquis expressed the great Regret and disappointment such a determination would cause His Most Faithful Majesty’s Government, who feel the greatest gratitude toward Ex-President Grant for his just decision in the affair of the island of Bolama. He said, also, that to himself personally this failure to visit Lisbon would be a great disappointment, for to General Grant alone he owed the honor of his second title. In conclusion, he requested me to convey to General Grant the assurance that “if he should be enabled ultimately to visit Portugal, he would find the government entirely at his disposition.” This message I have sent to the Ex-President, through General Badeau, in London.

If General Grant should finally decide to visit Portugal I am sure that he will be received with enthusiasm, and be entertained hospitably by all persons from the Sovereign down. As the Marquez d’Avila was so earnest in his manner when communicating this sentiment to me on the part of the government, I have thought it proper to report the interview for the information of the Department.

I have, &c.,