No. 421.
Mr. Gibbs to Mr. Evarts .

No. 273.]

Sir: I beg to refer to my last dispatch, No. 272, on the political state of the country. All is quiet, and apparently will remain so. Meetings were called to take place on Sunday last, the 11th instant, to protest against the Congress and demand a plebiscite, but the government was prepared, and did not allow any gathering of parties.

It is evident to me that the excitement was initiated to show a demonstration in favor of Piérola, but owing to the attitude taken by the government it was a failure.

Some uneasiness remains, and the press that favor Piérolism is filled with rabid articles against the Civilists, but for the present all attempts to involve the country in civil commotion or strife I think will fail.

I am, sir, &c.,