No. 315.
Mr. Bingham to Mr. Evarts.

No. 854.]

Sir: His Majesty the Emperor of Japan set out upon a progress through the north of the empire on the 30th ultimo. It appears by a notice published in the Tokei Times of the 7th instant that His Majesty is received by formal ceremonies and popular demonstrations which indicate the affection of the people for their sovereign and their loyalty to His Majesty’s Government. His Majesty visits the public schools on his route, thereby indicating a regard for the welfare of his people and a [Page 508] belief that the safety of good government is not endangered by the general education of the governed.

Herewith I inclose the notice from the Tokei Times of His Majesty’s progress.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 854.]


The northern journey of His Majesty the Emperor is marked by similar formal ceremonies and jubilant popular demonstrations to those which distinguished his progress last year.

His Majesty visits the schools, public offices, and temples on his route, is received with suitable honors, and usually leaves tokens of remembrance behind him. Thus far the Imperial party have had nothing but agreeable, though not especially stirring, experiences to encounter.