No. 142.
Mr. Everett to Mr. Evarts .

No. 49.]

Sir: The 22d March was the eighty-first birthday of the Emperor, and was observed as a general holiday in the usual way. During the day every house was surmounted by a flag, and in the evening the principal streets were illuminated. From 10 to 2, His Majesty received the royal family and members of his household; the generals; ministers of state; the heads of princely houses; the ambassadors, but not the ministers; the committees of the Reichstag and those of the Landtag. At 4 p.m., the whole imperial family met at dinner at the palace of the Crown Prince. The usual diplomatic dinner was given by Prince Bismarck in his new residence, to which I was honored by an invitation as chargé d’affaires. The usual toasts to the Emperor and the governments represented at the court were drunk without speeches.

Later in the evening there was a musical and dramatic entertainment in the White Hall of the Schloss, where the diplomatic corps below the rank of ambassador was placed in a good position for seeing and hearing, in marked contrast, it must be admitted, to the state of things mentioned in Mr. Davis’ 620, as was remarked to me by a government official. The ambassadors, as usual, take precedence of all but the royal family, but I must say, as far as my experience during the past winter goes, every courtesy and advantage have been extended to the members of the diplomatic corps. This is rendered more difficult every [Page 209] year by the steady increase in their numbers, the present season having added the large Chinese legation to their ranks.

The festivities at the Schloss were closed at midnight by a very handsome and lavish buffet supper.

The Emperor appeared to be in the most excellent health and spirits.

I have, &c.,