No. 807.
Mr. Russell to Mr. Fish.

No. 15.]

Sir: Respectfully referring to my No. 6, dated July 13, I regret to report that applications are still made by immigrants for a return to New York, not only by those who came out by the steamer Albemarle, but by the more recent arrival of the Claribel. They complain of the low wages, the different modes of life, and the unaccustomed food of Venezuela. They add, that they were deceived by gross misrepresentations as to wages and the cost of living. I have no proof that this government or its agents have ever made such representations. On the contrary, the government here has acted with honor and humanity. But in some way these parties have been sadly misled, and they are suffering greatly. As proof of the recklessness of some of them, I may mention that one immigrant is a printer, who knows not a word of Spanish. Others are laborers skilled in branches of work wholly Unknown here. The hardships of all are increased by their ignorance of the language.

It will be a work of humanity if anything can be done to save others from Mie effects of fraud, or even from the results of their own improvidence; and from motives alike of policy and humanity, I cannot doubt that Venezuela would join in efforts to that end.

I am, &c,