No. 808.
Mr. Russell to Mr. Fish.

No. 25.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that on the 23d I mailed a dispatch, via Colon, stating the fact that an insurrection existed in the State of Falcon.

Having experienced the uncertainty of the mails in various cases, I write again to repeat the announcement. The revolt is headed by General Colina, formerly vice-president, (Designado,) and, for a time, acting president of Venezuela. He is a man of mixed race—white, African, and Indian—a brave soldier, but ignorant and of intemperate habits.

The chief seat of rebellion is Coro, in the State of Falcon, formerly the State of Coro. But it is supposed to have friends in Barquesimeto, Zulia, and other States. Of this, however, there is no trustworthy information.

The government appears to be prepared fully for the rebellion, which was foretold by the President in a recent public speech at Puerto Cabello. Vigorous measures have been taken to put it down. The government never before had such resources at its command as now, and it is sustained with enthusiasm by the great body of the people; offers of services are made from all quarters, and especially from leading men, who have been politically opposed to the administration of President Guzman Blanco.

The universal opinion here is, that the insurrection will be put down, and that the government will be strengthened by it. The minister of foreign relations, Mr. Gutierrez, has gone from Caracas on business connected with the trouble, and Dr. Jesus Maria Blanco is appointed to act in his stead.

I am, &c,


P. S.—I have just learned that the port of La Guaira, as well as that of Puerto Cabello, is closed. I presume that vessels to and from the United States will have no difficulty in entering or leaving.

Very respectfully,