No. 47.
Mr. Partridge to Mr. Fish.

No. 131.]

Sir: On the 6th October, Baron Cavalchini (the Italian envoy) and myself gave our decision, as arbitrators, in the case of the reclamation [Page 71] of the Earl of Dundonald on this government for services rendered by his father, Admiral Lord Cochrane, during their struggle for independence.

This is an old claim, (since 1853,) and the Brazilian government had already (in 1857) paid him the full arrears of salary and pension, (suspended since 1825 for disobedience of orders;) had continued his pension (of $6,000) till his death, and to Lady Cochrane afterward.

The government also paid his son, the present claimant, about £9,450 in 1865 for prize-money unsettled. Notwithstanding these payments, Lord Dundonald claimed, for moneys retained and deducted, others; for special prize-money in the Imperatriz, ($5,000;) for interest on arrears of pension suspended, and for sundry items of prize, &c., all which, with compound interest claimed by his agent, amounted to at least six million dollars.

Lord Cochrane had offered in 1860 to receive £44,000 in full.

The arbitrators awarded him £38,675 in all, considerably more than he had any right to expect; but not one-half of what I understand the British legation thought the least possible sum, (£100,000.)

The imperial government is perfectly satisfied with the award, and all disinterested persons think we have acted with fairness and with a liberality towards the claimant which is not disapproved by the government. It would, of course, have been an additional gratification to have pleased our British colleague also. But this was a happiness we could not promise ourselves. * * * * * *

I have, &c.,